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Resource & Asset Assessment

Grow Your Impact

Solving some of society's most complex problems takes a lot of work and a lot of resources. There's always more work and usually fewer resources than needed, and the answer isn't as simple as "we need to raise more money." No matter what the obstacles, we can help you pursue new approaches and identify and mobilize unrecognized resources within your own organization to more effectively achieve your goals.

We offer a free 20-minute introductory call. Let's find out if we can help you.

Some of the Work We Do:

  • Listen to what your organization wants to achieve and work to align the assets and resources you have with your goal.

  • Review and assess assets and resources through on-site interviews and in-depth analysis

  • Make strategic, operational, or tactical recommendations on how to maintain asset awareness and management

  • Train leadership and staff on key components of the intellectual capital framework

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Resource & Asset Assessment: Service
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