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For Wealth Advisors

Collaboration, Not Competition

You have high net worth clients' assets under management. We don't. So we can complement your services, not compete with them. And, by letting you offer more wrap-around services, we help you maintain and grow client loyalty - by offering expert, private, personalized, and values-based philanthropic planning in collaboration with your firm's services.

You're an expert in wealth management and planning and a trusted partner in achieving a financial vision. That's why your clients chose you. Now you can choose to offer an exceptional experience for their philanthropic planning by retaining an expert partner. That way, while you focus on achieving their overall wealth goals, you can also offer them a full range of philanthropic services.

Free 45-minute Philanthropic Advising Introduction

Let's see if we're potentially a good team by having a private, confidential conversation. Click here to schedule a convenient day and time.

Some of the Work We Do

  • Understand the client's philanthropic goals

  • Collaborate with you on philanthropic tools that fit the wealth plan

  • Support the client with tailored philanthropy research and education

  • Provide expert advice on other ways of achieving philanthropic goals that go beyond the financial tools

  • Personalized planning, execution, and support for philanthropic grant/gift making, evaluation, and reporting

  • Educate and train wealth advisory team members on philanthropic tools, topics, and issue areas

How We Engage

  • Referral: Walker Philanthropic is a resource that you directly refer your clients to. Your clients pay for services directly.

  • Fixed Services: Your firm selects a roster of services that WPC makes available to your clients. The firm and WPC negotiate the package and fees for these services and terms of service. 

  • Retained Services: Your clients need the flexibility to choose their own level of engagement with WPC but the firm needs a seamless customer experience.  The firm and WPC negotiate the retainer fee and hours under retention to fit the needs of your firm. 

  • Customized: The sky is the limit. For example, you want to offer clients access to WPC and you want your advisory staff to have access to information, training, or assistance to be more informed to better serve the client. WPC will work with you to customize an engagement that fits your needs.

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Private Philanthropy Advising: Service
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