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You do have the money for that.

I've heard it thousands of times: "We don't have the money for that."

You do, though you may not realize it.

We've been trained to think that nonprofits, foundations, and donors financial reports are the primary indicator of the ability "to do" or to respond to community and social needs. The truth is, your organization has far more resources and assets than the ones you can review on the balance sheet.

I started Walker Philanthropic Consulting because the scarcity mindset of the financial management model fails to solve complex community or social problems.  


We specialize in guiding philanthropic organizations, individuals and families to identify and strategically leverage the wide variety of intellectual capitals.  We're a trusted advisor in helping you, your board, your clients, and your partners understand how to identify, manage, and mobilize assets for social impact and mission-focused work.


I look forward to hearing your story and seeing if Walker Philanthropic Consulting can help you achieve the impact you envision. 


Michelle Walker, MA, CAP, WMCP

Founder & Principal

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